Special Exhibits! Turlock Rock and Gem Show
March 12th & 13th, 2022
Turlock Fairgrounds 900 N Broadway

The Tethys Ocean Project

The Tethys Ocean Project is pleased to present a new fossil exhibit "SHARKS". The ever-popular 5-1/2 foot Megalodon jaws can be compared to the one of the largest Great White Shark jaws to date. Five other menacing shark jaws and numerous teeth are included in the show. There will be a 10 foot Great White shark cast and an 8 foot Hammerhead shark cast. Note: no modern sharks were killed for the exhibit.

One of the most ancient shark jaws is from the Permian. These tiny teeth are 250 million years old. The Whirltooth shark had bizarre teeth. Free souvenir shark teeth from 50 million years ago will be given to the first 2,000 children in attendance.

Three generations of Schaffert family will be on hand throughout the show to chat with visitors and share their passion for ancient marine fossils.

MLMS would like to extend an enormous THANK YOU! to Dr. Alan and Cris Schaffert for providing Tethys Ocean Project Exhibits exclusively with The Mother Lode Mineral Society for 14 years.

The 2017 Tethys Ocean Project included Tridacna, the largest ammonite found in the Americas, measuring over 5 feet.

Half scale painting of Megladon, the largest shark to have hunted prehistoric oceans. The art work was done by Eric Schaffert, pictured with the mural that is on display at the show.

Local Artist, Albert Troglin

Local Artist, Albert Troglin, combines two of his many hobbies in one amazing format - Oil paintings on rock slabs.

I Started painting when I was nine or ten years old. Mostly water colors and was painting oil painting around twelve. Stopped painting in my teen years did not resume painting till my mid fifties. Took oil painting classes, traditional landscaping, and wild life. Began rock painting in mid nineties, That became my most preferred medium of painting. I use the natural pattern in the stone to be the background of the painting and place the subject so it does not cover the natural beauty of the stone.


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